Q. What is Online bill payment?

A. Online Bill Payment lets you pay bills from home, the office, or anywhere you have a personal computer or mobile device and access to the Internet. You can pay bills such as: Credit Cards, Mortgages, Gas, Electric, and even friends and family all with just a few clicks, rather than writing paper checks.


Q. Why is NBT updating its bill payment system?

A. NBT wants to continue to offer the best in products and services to our customers as well as maximize operational efficiencies. Updating our bill payment system is another step in accomplishing both goals.


Q. When is the bill payment system being upgraded?

A. Bill Pay will be down for planned maintenance starting Friday, Feb. 26 at 7 pm and will return on Monday, March 1 by 3 pm for Online Banking and Tuesday, March 2 by 3 pm for Mobile Banking.

If you are currently using our Bill Pay service, please make any changes prior to this time period. If you have questions, please contact our Accounting Department at 979-968-4555 to help you.

Q. Can I pay bills from all of my accounts?

A. Bill Payment may be setup with one checking (DDA) account per social security number. You choose the debit account that will be your default account that payments come from. 


Q. Does Online Bill Payment send my payment electronically or by check?

A. Bill Payment sends your payment by check or electronically (ACH) depending on the capabilities of your biller to receive the payment. Many companies today accept electronic payments as their primary form of payment.

Q. Can I pay anyone with Online Bill Payment?

A. Payments can be made to any vendor or payee that accepts checks and has a mailing address for receipt. 

Additionally, NBT is excited to start offering People Pay (person-to-person) payments which can be located within online banking, under the “self service” tab. This feature allows you to set up friends, family, and/or other local, small billers you do business with like lawn service providers, pet sitters, or even your child’s child-care provider. NBT’s People Pay option is similar to using an app like PayPal but with the added convenience of being tied directly to your NBT Bill Pay account. 


Q. When will my funds leave my account?

A. Starting March 1, 2021 you will see the funds debited from your account the next day after the “Send On” date you select, which is the date the payment is scheduled to be mailed out. 


Q. How long does it take for the payment to reach the vendor/payee?

A. Once you have submitted a payment for processing, it normally takes four business days from the effective date for electronic (ACH) payments and five business days for payment by check.  


Q. Can I setup recurring payments?

A. Online Bill Payment offers recurring payments and provides instructions on how to set them up. So, you can be relaxing at the lake or the park versus writing checks and scheduling payments when your bills are due.

Q. Is there a cutoff time for sending payments?

A. You may schedule payments 24 hours a day. However, a payment to be sent the next business day must be entered by 3:00 PM CST on the business day before the payment is initiated.

Q. How do I register for Online Bill Payment?

A. The first step to registering for Online Bill Payment is to make sure you have access to National Bank and Trust’s Online Banking. Once you have access, select “Bill Pay” under the Money Movement header. Once you select Bill pay you will be guided through a process to complete your sign up.